Common Gate Operator Issues February 2019 | A1 Gate Guys

Guide rollers at the top of the gate

When was the last time your automatic gate was serviced by a certified technican?

Why doesn’t my gate open?

loss of power, fuses go bad, batteries go bad, circuit board issues, receiver issues, batteries in remotes may need to be changed, obstruction on the track the gate rollers on, reset button on the motor could be tripped, blown capacitor, rodent chewed up wires, limit switch, foot pedal switch

Why won’t my gate close?

sensor out of alignment if available, same as above, chain too loose, bad rollers on the gate, bearings on rollers blown out or worn out, force setting issue,

Why is my gate operator chain hanging?

too loose, stretched out, weight of gate can stretched out chain, chain bolt broke or bent, bracket broke that holds the chain

How often should I have my automatic gate operator checked?

at least 2 times a year. exposure to the elements, rodents like to use the covers as homes, perfect breeding ground wasps and yellow jackets/bees, mice, squirrels

Why is a diagnostic inspection important?

go straight to the problem, don’t make mutiple trips save money, sames a garage door maintenance

What is included in the automatic gate operator tune-up?